Tanzania Kilimanjaro ya Mkoa

Tanzania Kilimanjaro ya Mkoa

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Tanzania Kilimanjaro ya mkoa
Single origin
100% Arabica

Regional Selection - AA South
Region Mount Kilimanjaro

Altitude 950 - 1900 metres above sea level

Soils - Rich volcanic soil Grade AA

Process Method - Fully Washed
Varietal - Arusha and Bourbon
Tasting Notes - Cups with orange and blackcurrant fruit and acidity. Full heavy body carries a bitter-sweet cocoa and roasted almonds to finish.

Tanzanian AA coffee is grown mainly on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, not far from the Kenyan border, under the shade of intercropping banana trees.

The coffee is produced predominantly by small farms in volcanic soil at approximately 1700 metres above sea level. The coffee fruit begins its life cycle after the sporadic rain showers during November and December, which bring on the coffee blossom; crops then develop from bud to cherry over the next six months. The low morning and night-time temperatures of this altitude, slow and lengthen the ripening period, allowing ample time for the cherries to develop.

Some of the coffee plants are over ninety years old, with their roots deep into the soil in search of nutrients. All of the coffee is handpicked. The Tanzania AA is generally a fruity coffee with great crisp acidity and a smooth chocolate finish. It is light and bright in flavour with a medium body and subtle fruity sweetness.