Seaweed Co Zanzibar Clove Soap

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Clove Nourishing Soap


Coconut oil, beeswax, seaweed, sodium coconut, distilled water, clove essential oil.

Made from 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, sourced from Zanzibar and Tanzania.


Zanzibar is one of the world’s largest exporters of seaweed. Beautiful and clean waters of the island, combined with the appropriate temperature, make ideal conditions for growing “green gold”. Seaweed used in the cosmetics industry come from the private Seaweed Center crops located in Paje. Cultivated in natural conditions, they ripen for about 6 weeks and then they are manually collected and dried in the Zanzibar sun, which guarantees the highest quality product.  Sea algae are a very valuable raw material used in cosmetics. They are rich in exogenous amino acids, moisturizing nutrients and proteins and help to rebuild collagen, affecting not only the metabolism of the epidermis but also penetrating into the dermis.

Seaweed Center cosmetics based on algae have a cleansing, nourishing and regenerating effect and help to reduce cellulite thus delaying skin aging processes. They are also effective in treating skin problems by detoxifying it and restoring its natural balance.


Seaweed Center is a place created mainly by exceptional African women. Their determination to fight for a better existence and a decent life for their families, combined with the knowledge and tradition conveyed from generation to generation, created a unique community – a circle of women – based on mutual respect, honesty, trust and equality. Seaweed Center operates in accordance with the idea of Fair Trade. It is a beautiful example of how to create unique products by local entrepreneurs using natural resources and traditions of a given region. The employed women have not only very good salaries but also shares in the company’s profits, which allows them to support their families, take care of children’s education as well as live with dignity and enjoy their work.


In order to produce cosmetics of the highest quality, women from the Seaweed Center carefully combine natural African ingredients with organic algae. What distinguishes Seaweed Center cosmetics is the manual production using a cold press of small batches of products, based on specially formulated recipes combining the African tradition of skin care with the contemporary knowledge.

This soap has been directly purchased from the Seaweed Co in Paje, Zanzibar. Your purchase of this soap directly supports seaweed farming Mama’s from the village of Paje in Zanzibar.

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