Uganda Bukonzo Organic Fairtrade

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Uganda Bukonzo Organic Fairtrade
Single origin
100% Arabica

On the slopes of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains, on the western border with the Congo’s Kivu region, you will find 1,200 members of the Bakonzu tribe who have come together to form Bukonzo Organics (BOCU). These are amongst Kasese’s first farmers to produce Fair-Trade Organic Certified coffees.

The Rwenzoris are famously known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’.  The snow capped peaks reach 5,109m asl with glaciers forming rivers which feed the valleys below. The area is home to the Bakonzo tribe, a proud and strong people that have farmed the foothills of the Rwenzori for generations. The high altitude, fertile soils and plentiful rainfall of the Rwenzoris provides perfect growing conditions for fine Arabica coffee. Coffee offers the Bakonzo farmers a stable income that allows them to support their families and develop their homes with many farms also produce cassava, maize, beans and groundnuts for local consumption and additional income.

This co-op is committed to sustainable coffee production in Western Uganda.  Farmers have established shade trees to allow the coffee to ripen gradually, releasing all of its flavour potential. Coffee is inter-planted with food crops; whilst ground cover and terracing prevent soil erosion; and the coffee is given a boost from organic home-made compost. The farmers harvest their coffee by hand, carefully selecting the ripe cherries

Origin: Uganda, Rwenzori Mountains
Growing Elevation: +/-4,800 ft
Tree Variety: Narsalang, SL 14, Bourbon,
Process Method: Fully Washed
Producer: Uganda Bukonzo, Organic Co-op


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