Tanzania Kongoni Estate

Tanzania Kongoni Estate

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Tanzania Kongoni Estate
Single origin
100% Arabica

Region:  Karatu
Estate: Kongoni Estate
Varietal:  Bourbon, Kent, SL39
Processing:  Fully washed
Altitude:  1650-1850 masl

Kongoni Estate was established in 1944 by German settlers on the northern slopes of the Ngorongoro crater, with abundant rainfall and has deep rich volcanic soils. In the valleys between the foothills, there are rivers and lush green foliage where the animals from the Ngorongoro conservation frequently wander. Over 220 hectares on the estate is dedicated coffee out of the 1600 hectares. On the estate, coffee cherries are hand-picked then sorted for only red ripe cherries, weighed then passed through a disc pulper. After this they are fermented in tanks for 72 hours, washed, then dried on raised drying beds.

Tasting: Complex, juicy, berries, dark chocolate and caramel